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You no longer have to settle for dull, gray concrete.  Today your pool deck, patio, living room or any other concrete surface can be alive with colors and textures not available with any other flooring option.  Imagine slate, granite, stone, or tile in any color to coordinate with your existing home style.  We can provide what nature cannot. Any color, any style, any design; let your imagination run free.

Decorative concrete floors can be installed for as low as $3.00/sq ft.  No other floor covering can compete with decorative concrete for value or artistic appeal.  Decorative concrete floors are low maintenance and non-allergenic.  Dust, pet dander, pollen and other allergens have nowhere to hide and are easily removed.
Our decorative concrete overlays are not a paint or acrylic product that will chip, peel or wear away.  We use a state-of-the-art polymer enhanced cement product that will chemically and mechanically bond to the existing surface.  Polymer overlays reach up to 6800 psi,  twice the strength of standard concrete.  Professionally installed polymer surfaces can last the life of the concrete to which they are applied.
A stained, worn driveway; a damaged patio, a plain, unattractive pool deck or living area.  All of these areas are excellent candidates for resurfacing overlays.  We can add curb appeal and value to your home quickly and economically, about half the replacement cost.  Why live with old, damaged concrete when we can resurface it, restoring value to your home or business. Proudly serving Tyler, TX and surrounding areas.   Call for a FREE comprehensive estimate TODAY!