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   In order to have a beautiful finished floor,  we must have the best floor condition possible to begin.  This is where you come in.  Contact us as soon as possible in the building process, the planning stage is ideal but,  the final weeks will work also.
   Discuss your flooring choices with your  builder or concrete contractor so that he may take the appropriate  measure to provide you with the best floor possible.  A vapor barrier should be installed under all new pours.  Insure that no curing agents or admixtures such as calcium or fly ash are used in the mix.  All surfaces should be machine troweled, without burnishing, to the edge of the slab.

Concrete must cure for 21-28 days before it can be acid stained.  During this time the concrete must be protected.  You can use plywood, cardboard, or housewrap topped with heavy builders paper.  Tape the cover material only to itself, NOT TO THE FLOOR!
     You must be vigilant at this point and maintain the protective covering.  Do not nail bracing to the floor or allow any chemicals, paint, glue, or caulk on the floor.  If there is a spill, clean it as soon as possible with xylene, acetone or tsp as soon as possible.  Use no other chemicals or cleaners on the floor.  Use white or blue chalk for layout lines, no crayon, grease pencil, or markers.

     With a little care and planning, together we can insure that you have the best floor possible.
     Please feel free to contact us with any questions about floor options or preparation for a decorative concrete floor.  903-539-7498
     Together we can give your home a one of a kind appeal not possible with ANY other floor covering!